The Young boy Passed away an Hour after Bathing. All Parents Need to See This

After you spend day at the swimming pool it is quite normal to feel tired and sleepy, and this particularly refers to children who feel exhausted after they were extremely active throughout the entire day.

That is the reason why Cassandra Jackson didn’t suspect anything when her son told her that he needed sleep after spending the day at the swimming pool. Her son Johnny at the age of 10 went to sleep after long and very stressful day. His mom couldn’t guess that something was wrong with him. After a while Cassandra went to check if her child is sleeping and she was incredibly surprised about exactly what she saw.

Her son had foam on his mouth and troubles breathing. She immediately went to the ER and there doctors told her what exactly happened. Her son experienced so-called “Secondary Drowning”, a condition that occurs as a result of swallowed water and may occur within 72 hours.

It is important to highlight that secondary drowning can be fatal if the alerting symptoms are ignored. If some person, either child or adult inhales even small gush of water (pool, lake or ocean) it may aggravate the lungs and furthermore trigger swelling. When secondary drowning occurs it is quite usual little water to be present in the lungs, and if percentage of liquid is sufficient to impede the lungs ability to supply oxygen up to the blood stream.

All parents should be aware and pay closer attention if the child has actually had a near drowning, or possibly swallowed too much water. Monitor all symptoms of secondary drowning and go to medical facility instantly. It is important to mention that symptoms may occur between 1 and 72 hours.
Pay attention to the following symptoms:

  • Shortness of breath after bathing
  • Excess fatigue after bathing
  • Irritability or state of mind swings, without any apparent reason.