Every day our feet are susceptible to extreme workout and when we wear severely fitting shoes we put them under great pressure and make their functioning much harder. Over time this may lead to some excruciating conditions, for instance, plantar fasciitis, a constant swelling of the ligaments on the base of the foot.

Competitors very often experience the ill effects of this issue and the reason for that is the extraordinary strain that they put on their feet when they run or jump. Ball, soccer and tennis players (also artists) are at high risk of this condition, as well.

But, athletes are not the only persons who get plantar fasciitis. Namely, individuals who are dormant or overweight are at high risk to get plantar fasciitis. Women who wear high heels on daily basis may experience this and other foot issues.

This medical condition goes ahead gradually. It starts with sharp agony that happens just when the foot is put under strain. Over a time, in some patients we are talking about weeks, at others – months, this torment becomes more successive and even begins to happen when the foot is in a resting position.

Plantar fasciitis can make the patient’s life really painful. First symptom of this medical condition is sharp torment in your heel when you first get up.

The good news is that plantar fasciitis is treatable condition and you don’t have to live with the interminable torment. There are various methods for managing this condition, including: changing of the shoe insoles, taking medicines or extending works out.

In today’s article we are going to present you the treatment invented by the chiropractor and orthopedist Dr. DeFabio. According to him, this treatment has the ability to recuperate plantar fasciitis fast and without any additional effort. This method is created to decrease the swelling and then will sustain and reinforce the calf muscles.

Dr. DeFabio suggests using a back rub roller stick for this treatment. This is easy and cheap method and the patient can perform at home.

In his practice, Dr. DeFabio applies the “Graston Technique” and it includes use of steel instrument to “separate scar tissue, attachments, to extend the tissue, and, regarding plantar fasciitis, to make flexibility and to draw blood into the range” explains he. Dr. DeFabio uses a moisturizer to grease up the skin and that actually makes the metal instrument to float over much easily.

The next step of this treatment is to diminish the weight on the ligaments. Dr. DeFabio uses an uncommon tape called “Kinesio Tape” for this. The extensive tape should be wrapped around the heel and reach the toes. Then, littler tape is adhered to the expansive tape in order to take more weight of the heel.

Dr. DeFabio explains that the tape should be left on for 3–5 days. At the point when it’s evacuated, the torment will be completely gone.

At the video below you can watch Dr. DeFabio in real life:

Probably many of you have already visited an orthopedist or chiropractor, but have you tried this technique? You can ask your doctor for advice and opinion about Dr. DeFabio’s new treatment. This method may be distinction between and fast and effortless cure, or expensive and pointless operation.