In today’s article you can read a story about 3 year old child who was experiencing excruciating stomach pains for months. His parents took him to the hospital, but doctors gave him only prescribed painkillers in order to relieve the unbearable pain. After certain period of time, the health condition of the child was not improving, and his parents went to the local hospital for treatment. In order to determine the cause of the pain, doctors recommended an X-ray. Once the doctors saw the results, they were shocked.

When the parent went to “Metro Hospital” city of Faridabad, India doctors concluded that this child should not take painkillers. Namely, the cause of stomach ache was group of metal objects that were stuck in the child’s stomach.

Director of Laparoscopic Surgery, Dr. Datt Pathak immediately took the child to surgery. But, at surgery room, doctors were even more shocked as they found a battery, 29 magnets and a coin in the child’s gut. Daily Mail reported that this child swallowed these objects which he had found around his home.

Dr. Pathak stated that this child swallowed 29 magnets in total. The doctor assumed that swallowing magnets had become a habit for this child, and this little boy probably has been swallowing them for more than 1 year.

The magnets formed a large magnetic ball and they were causing severe stomach pain and damaged his bowels. Dr. Pathak explains that this has been one of the most complicated cases he ever had.

The surgery lasted 3 hours and all objects were carefully removed. The family of this child has family business and makes jewelry boxes, so the child has found these objects quite easy. The objects that this child swallowed were too large, but if they were small enough, they would have passed through the process of excretion.

Luckily, everything went very well and several days later the child was sent to home treatment.

This story should be warning for all parents who have little children to be very cautious. Parents should take precautions and make sure that their children are safe.

Source: naturalhealthyfood.net