Why Women in China Rarely Get Breast Cancer

Did you know that women in Asian countries, for instance China, have substantially lower mortality rate caused by illnesses including breast cancer. Experts explain that dietary preferences may explain this specific phenomenon.

What is breast cancer?

Cancer is uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in certain part of the body, such as breasts. These cells grow really fast, thus forming tumors which usually are detected with mammogram or an X-Ray of the chest area.

Even though, tumors occur more commonly at women, they also may develop in men.

Statistics shows that malignant tumors which begin to grow in the milk duct, or ductal carcinomas, are the most common type of breast cancer, while the cancers arising in the lobules, or lobular carcinomas, appear less frequently.

Experts explain that breast cancer starts with thickened tissue in a woman’s breast. These cells most usually are celled “lump”. Most patients feel a sting in the armpits that is not linked with the menstrual period. Moreover, the women’s skin may become redden, but rash may develop around the nipples, as well. At some women, discharge flows from one of the breasts.

What raises the risk of breast cancer?

Regardless of the fact that experts cannot pinpoint the exact causes of breast cancer, they still can identify the reasons which put the woman at higher risk of developing it.

Namely, the following attributes substantially increase the risk of developing cancer:

  • The age has significant role in propensity for breast cancer. Namely, older women are at higher risk of developing cancer. Experts explain that cancer more often develops in postmenopausal women rather than young women.
  • Statistics shown that even 80% of breast cancers occur at women who are older than 50
  • Genetics and family history of cancer determine the probability of getting Namely, if some your close relative has cancer, you are at higher risk, as well.
  • Women who previously had benign breast lumps have increased risk of developing breast cancer. Here are included atypical ductal hyperplasia and lobular carcinoma. The reason for that is because these lumps may metastasize if they develop again.
  • Those women who have high levels of estrogen are at substantially higher risk of developing breast tumors. You should be cautious if you had your periods earlier than the other women at your age. Another factor that has influence at development of breast cancer is your weight. Namely, studies have proved that obese menopausal women are more at higher risk than the slimmer women in developing growths in the mammary glands. Namely, overweight women tend to produce higher levels of estrogen.
  • It is interesting to mention that taller women are more prone to breast cancer than short women, but still, experts need to establish the reason for this.
  • Those women who consume more alcohol are at much higher risk at developing breast cancer than others. In order to lower the risk of developing breast cancer, you should not consume more than 1 alcoholic drink per a
  • Breast cancer develops due to increased levels of estrogen and progesterone in the female body. Namely, it was proved that Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) contributes to development of tumors. Moreover, those women who need to replace estrogen in their bodies are more prone to developing cancer. Combined estrogen and progesterone therapy greatly increases the

The Diet Factor: Why Chinese Women Are Less Likely to Develop Breast Cancer

Except the above explained factors, woman’s diet probably is one of the most influential reasons for developing breast cancer. The renowned professor of geochemistry, Jane Plant received a breast cancer diagnosis from her gynecologist and she had decided to fight against this severe illness. Her husband worked in China and came to conclusion that the breast cancer rates at women in China are considerably lower women in Western countries. Jane and her husband had discovered that nutrition in China is comprised of only 14% of fat, compared with nutrition at Western countries, where meals contain 36% fat. Jane summarized that Chinese ate less dairy products.

She decided to follow revolutionary diet plan where she had replaced high-fat dairy products with low-fat Cheese and skimmed milk.

After her first session of chemotherapy, the lump in her breast remained at the same size. But, when Jane had removed dairy from her diet, the lump shrank after the second session. Moreover, the lump completely vanished after the third chemo session. This is phenomenon that had astounded the medical experts at Charing Cross hospital.

Experts explain that Jane’s experience is just one proof that dietary choices may be the cause for onset of cancer. The low-fat diet significantly reduces the signs of this illness.

Say Goodbye to Breast Cancer with these ten low-fat foods

The following non-fattening foods will be of great help for preventing breast cancer.

  1. Mushrooms

While are preparing noodles and omelets, Chinese people add lots of mushrooms. According to a study published in the Chinese health journal PLos One had revealed that a diet high in mushrooms has the ability to protect you from breast cancer.

  1. Broccoli Sprouts

This vegetable is abundant with antioxidants. Study conducted by Center for Cancer Research found that one of them, Sulforaphane, which may target cancer growth. Include sprouts in sandwiches and salads.

  1. Pomegranates

This fruit is rich in ellagic acid, which is antioxidant that has the ability to slow cancer development. Namely, the scientists from the Beckman Research Institute have discovered that this acid restrains the enzymes which cause breast cancer.

  1. Lentils

It is interesting that American Journal of Nutrition supports Jane Plant’s theory that dietary changes substantially can assist in stopping the breast cancer development. Namely, the researchers have studied the Asian diet and concluded that legumes and soy also contributed in lowering the rates of breast cancer.

In case you do not like stir-fried legumes, you can replace it with lentil burger or kale.

  1. Walnuts

In order to prevent breast cancer, simply reach for nuts. Our advice is to eat handfuls of walnuts. It is interesting that scientists from the Marshall University School of Medicine in West Virginia came to discovery that the Omega acids, phytoestrogens and antioxidants contained in them are great for controlling cancerous enzymes. You can add walnuts to various meals, including soups, muffins or even pizza.

  1. Blueberries

“Lan Mei” is the Chinese name for this remarkable fruit. This actually explains why many of their women do not get breast cancer. Potent antioxidant contained in them, called Pterostilbene makes the cancerous cells to self-destruct. This is truly fascinating process called apoptosis. You can combine blueberries with yogurt and cereals.

  1. Spinach

High amounts of folate lowers the breast cancer rates at women. Spinach is high in Vitamin-B compound. In order to eat this low-fat food on Chinese way, simply fry spinach leaves with prawns and add little soy sauce.

  1. Eggs

Eggs are great natural ingredient for controlling hair fall and various skin conditions. Choline contained in eggs is great for these ailments, but also for breast cancer. A study proved that Choline ensures the proper functioning of cells. Chinese people fry the eggs with noodles and make slurp-worthy omelets.

  1. Salmon

Did you know that Chinese enjoy raw fish dishes every lunar New Year? This actually may explain why breast cancer rates among them are very low. Experts explain that Vitamin D contained in salmon prevent “good” cells from turning carcinogenic. Moreover, the Omega-3 fat in salmon has the ability to prevent spreading of the cancerous cells in the breast to other parts in the body.

  1. Rye and Whole Grains

If you don’t want the taste of raw salmon, you can eat more grain as substitute. American Institute for Cancer Research discovered that the lignans, phytonutrients, fiber, minerals and vitamins contained in them helped to stop spreading of cancer cells.

Eat rye bread with eggs, tomato or sprouts.

The answer of the question: “Why do fewer Chinese women get breast cancer?” is quite simple: low-fat nutrition.

Source: www.barenaturaltruth.com