Woman Gets Infected With HIV After Manicure At Nail Salon

Human immunodeficiency virus or HIV virus causes chronic, potentially life-threatening condition Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome also known as AIDS. HIV is damaging the immune system, or more precisely, the HIV interferes with the body’s ability to fight the organisms that cause disease. HIV is a sexually transmitted infection and most common ways of transmitting of this virus are: through blood, sex and used needles. Still, the above-mentioned ways are not the only ways through which HIV virus can be transmitted.

In today’s article you can read about one incredibly bizarre case which occurred recently to one Brazilian woman who found out that she was HIV-positive. Namely, she got infected by using a nail clipper that had been infected with the virus.
This young Brazilian woman got the shocking information when she wanted to donate blood. Namely, at the hospital this woman took the required tests and the nurse explained that regardless of the fact that her blood parameters were in optimal range, there was sign of high viral load. The woman was unpleasantly surprised and shocked as she was sure that she did not get the infection through sex or drugs abuse. Also, the tests her mother took confirmed that she was HIV-negative.

At that moment she recalled that one of the few things she had shared was manicure equipment. It is really shocking that about 10 years ago, the woman went to nail salon and shared the manicure equipment with her cousin, who later was tested and proved to be HIV-positive.
Namely, blood samples of this woman and her cousin were analyzed and the laboratory tests showed that their viral genetic material is a match. That is reliable proof that she contracted the virus through a simple nail clipper.

It is important to mention that currently, the CDC does not include nail clippers on the list of HIV-spreading mechanisms.

According to scientists, the HIV virus cannot be transmitted by casual contact, for instance sharing eating utensils or drinking from the same glass. Moreover, experts explain that this specific example of transmission of the HIV virus via manicure equipment is rare case. They add that this should not scare people to contact with people who already are infected with the virus.

However, the incident with this unfortunate Brazilian girl should severe as example that some things should be change soon.

Source: makeyourlifehealthier.com