Potato is starchy plant tuber and it is one of most important food crops. It is cooked and eaten as a vegetable and it has delicious taste. People from all around the world eat potatoes and combine them with other veggies, meat and prepare tasty meals.

But, did you know that in some cases, potatoes can be fatal? Read on and find out what it is about

Well, if you have potatoes in your pantry and if you keep them there for longer period of time you should throw them out. The reason why you should do that is terrifying!

Back in 2014, an 8-year-old girl called Maria Chelysheva from Russia became an orphan. The reason for that are piles of old potatoes. Namely, her family left potatoes to rot in the basement and her father went to the basement to take some potatoes, but he didn’t returned back for a while. Mary’s mother went to the basement to find him, but she never came back. Unfortunately, the same thing happened with Mary’s brother and her grandmother.

Even though Mary’s grandmother called on neighbors for help, when neighbors arrived, the woman was already dead in the basement. This old woman suffered the same terrible fate as the rest of the family, except Mary.

Scientists explain that potatoes contain glycoalkaloids, a chemical compound that can be found in poisonous plants, as well. This chemical compound makes potato, naturally toxic under the right circumstances, including when you are eat it or if inhale it.

Over time, as potatoes rot, glycoalkaloids concentration increases and that makes them emit dangerous toxic gases. Exposure to this deadly combination killed Mary’s family.

Mary was unconscious when she went to look for her family, but luckily the gas was dissipated a little, because her mother left the door open.

What happened to Mary’s family is shocking and heartbreaking. Their sad story should be a warning to others about the dangers of rotten potatoes.

Source: www.cuisineandhealth.com