WARNING: Be Careful When Using Ginger! Here’s When You Shouldn’t Consume It

Ginger is flowering plant that has amazing health benefits, but when is combined with anticoagulants, beta-blockers and insulin-based drugs it may become serious health threat.

Ginger is very beneficial for treatment of:

Boosts the immune system

Improves the circulation and also prevents formation of blood clots

Removes toxins from the body…

Relieves arthritic pain and is great for alleviating of muscle and bone pain

Reduces the symptoms of nausea, migraine and cough

It is beneficial for digestive problems like diarrhea, cramps, burping, constipation and hemorrhoids

Lowers the blood sugar and cholesterol levels

Prevents cancer cell growth

We can conclude that ginger is universal natural remedy due to its amazing health benefits it provides.

However, ginger used as treatment is not recommended for all patients.

Pregnant women

Ginger contains very powerful stimulants that at some women may trigger premature labor. Therefore, pregnant women should avoid ginger, particularly in the last three months of the pregnancy.

People who want to put on weight

The consummation of ginger gives you feeling of fullness and on that way it promotes body fat. That is the reason why people who have intention to put on some weight should exclude ginger from their diet.

People with blood disorders

Ginger is not recommended for patients who suffer from blood disorders such as hemophilia. Although ginger improves circulation, is still a big NO.

People who are on blood pressure and diabetes medications

Medical experts advise that you should not mix ginger with medications, if you take any.

For instance, ginger may interact with medications like anticoagulants, beta-blockers and medications based on insulin. People who take medications for high blood pressure or diabetes should be aware that plant may cause serious risk that it can even inhibit the effects of the drugs.

Source: www.forhealthylifestyle.com