Urgent Warning: This Is the Worst Place to Keep Your Cell Phone

Today the cell phones are an absolutely necessity for the modern man and millions of people use cell phones every single day. However, the cell phones are devices that can cause severe damage of the overall health.

In today’s article you can read about how the cell phone harms your health and how to protect yourself of the damage that the cell phone causes.

Dr. Devra Davis is author of “Disconnect – The Truth About Cellphone Radiation” and according to her the cell phones emanate serious radiation hazards.

At the beginning, Dr. Davis explains that she was skeptic about the danger cell phones cause but she did detailed researches and the results shocked her. Now, Dr. Davis is conducting additional investigations and her aim is to provide epidemiological and toxicological evidence in order to prove her claims that radiation from cell phones is highly dangerous and in same casts it can be even lethal.

Namely, in her lecture, Davis highlights that the cell phones don’t affect human health with their power, but they cause severe damage with the inconstant nature of their signal. As she explains, this signal can disrupt resonance and obstruct the DNA repair.

This explanation is one of the most reasonable theories that simplify the understanding of the different health impacts, including cancer.

Can Cell Phone Radiation Lead to Cancer?

There is particular example or better said life story of a woman that is proof that mobile phones have cancer-causing properties. Despite the fact that this woman had no predisposing risk for cancer she ended up with a multi-focal breast cancer.

A newsletter by the Environmental Health Trust disclosed this case and it turned out that this young woman kept her mobile phone into her bra.

Cancer specialists, John West and Robert Nagourney explain that there was only one possibility that probably contributed to the onset of her cancer. After the investigations they connected the dots and the results pointed on her mobile phone.

Even though scientists can’t prove whether the cell phone caused her cancer or not, this story should be warning for all women who keep their phones in their bras or even in their pockets. This includes men, as well.

You should remember that keeping your mobile phone close to your body may cause severe damage to your overall health. Experts advise to keep your phone at least 6 inches away from your body.

Why Is Dangerous to Have Your Cell Phone Close to Your Body?

It is undeniable fact that some areas of our body are continuously exposed to radiation from our mobile phone, but as scientists explain, some specific parts of our body are even more vulnerable.

According to a research conducted in 2009, if you attach your cell phone on your hip that may lead to weakened pelvis. By using an X-ray technique, scientists measured the pelvic bone density in nearly 150 men, and the participants regularly attached their phones to their belts, for 15 hours a day in period of about 6 years.

The results showed that the side of the pelvis where the cell phones were attached has lower mineral density. This is clear indication that the electromagnetic radiation emitted by cell phones substantially affects the bone density.

At this point it is important to mention that cell phones emit radiation even when you don’t use it to make a call. That means, if you wear a cell phone in a certain area for longer period of time, for instance 15 hours, that particular area will be exposed to continuous radiation.

Moreover, when the cell phone is attached to the belt, the radiation in same time affects the reproductive organs, as well as other sensitive organs, including the kidneys, liver, bladder and colon.

Current Studies Link Cell Phone With Cancer

Israeli research group conducted a study and the results showed that over the last 30 years, the rate of the parotid gland tumors is significantly increased. Scientists highlight that the highest increase was in 2001.

The parotid gland is salivary gland and it is located close to the cheek, and that actually is the area where people usually hold their phones. The results of this research showed that there is four-fold increase in the parotid gland cancer in the period from 1970 to 2006. But, the other salivary gland cancers remained stable.

In 2008, the principal researcher, Dr. Siegal Sadetzki at the U.S Senate Hearing conducted a study and the results showed that cell phones significantly contribute to salivary gland tumors.

This research showed that there is an increased risk of a parotid tumor for:

  • 34% higher risk for regular cell phone users who have used a cell phone in period of 5 years;
  • 49% of those who had more than 266.3 hours spoken on their cell phones;
  • 58% of those cell phone users who had at least 5,500 calls;

WHO Claims: Cell Phone Radiation is a Class B Carcinogen

Experts estimated that on a global level, about 6 billion people use cell phone and that is 87% of the world’s population. Experts highlight that this a point of no return and the number of cell phone users constantly is increasing.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer is part of the World Health Organization and on May 31, 2011, this agency has reported that cell phones may indeed lead to cancer and the radiation by the cell phones is a potential carcinogen for humans. This classification actually is response to research in which was discovered that wireless telephones could significantly increase the risk of brain cancer.

Children Even in Utero – Exposed to Greatest Risk

Unfortunately, children are the most vulnerable category and they are exposed to substantially greater risk as their thin skull bones allow the radiation to penetrate deep within the head to the midbrain. In addition to that, their cells tend to reproduce more quickly and that makes them even more vulnerable to aggressive cell growth.

Moreover, it is fact that children tend to have greater lifetime exposure. Lennart Hardell is Swedish professor and he stated that children who start using cell phones as teenagers have a four-fold risk of brain cancer as adults.

Pregnant women must avoid cell phones at any cost

Study conducted in 2008 analyzed 13,000 children and the results were shocking: cell phones have caused behavioral difficulties to children while in the womb or during childhood.

Experts explain that if pregnant woman uses handsets only 2-3 times a day, that may lead to developed hyperactivity difficulties with emotions, conduct and relationships in her child. The risk is even greater when these children started using their cell phones before the age of 7.

Scientists discovered that children whose mothers regularly used cell phones during pregnancy have 54% greater risk of behavioral problems. But, once these children started using cell phones, they have:

  • 80% greater risk of behavioral difficulties
  • 49% greater risk of problems with conduct
  • 35% greater risk of hyperactivity
  • 34% greater risk of difficulties relating to their peers
  • 25% greater risk of emotional problems

Scientists Claim: The Harmful Effects Can Now Be Proven

The experts specialized in the sphere of the effects of electromagnetic radiation highlight that cell phones and other gadgets can cause cancer as well as different health conditions, including impaired fertility, depression, diabetes and heart irregularities.

Ph.D. Martin Blank is expert on molecular and cellular effects of electromagnetic radiation. In 2010 Dr. Blank gave an informative speech called “The Health Effects of Electromagnetic Fields” in which he explained why DNA is that vulnerable to electromagnetic radiation of all kinds.

The International Journal of Radiation Biology published a study in which they explain that DNA contains two structural properties of the fractal antennas: self-symmetry and electronic conduction. Both of the properties promote reactivity of DNA to the electromagnetic radiation. Dr. Blank pointed out that this harm should not be neglected as it is a significant one and he highlights that the harmful effects of cell phones were peer-reviewed and evaluated by suitable scientists.

Back in 2010, the Non-Thermal Effects of Mechanisms of Interaction Between Electromagnetic Fields and Living Matter has published an analysis about the popular mechanisms of action, such as DNA effects.

In addition to that, a 13-country Interphone study conducted by the mobile industry revealed that there is up to 40% greater risk of brain cancer for more than 1,640 hours of cell phone use.

Swedish research conducted in 2007 discovered that for more than 2,000 hours of cell phone use, the uses is at a 540% greater risk of brain cancer.

Safety Tips

Generally speaking, the telecommunication industry is substantially larger than the medical industry and has greater influence than the drug companies. Well, that is not much surprising, right?

You should always keep in mind that there are many separate scientific studies which have proved that cell phones substantially affect people’s health, particularly the health of children and pregnant women, as well.

How to protect yourself from this radiation? The answer is quite simple: try to minimize your exposure and use of any wireless devices.

Useful Tips:

  • Restrict your use of cell phones and use your mobile phone only when that is necessary;
  • Restrict the children’s use of cell phones;
  • When you are at home or at work, always use a land line;
  • Restrict the use of different wireless devices;
  • Place the base station away from the room where you spend most of your time.

Additional Tips

  • Use your cell phone only when the reception is good;
  • Don’t carry your phone close to your body and also try not to keep it close to your body, especially when it is on;
  • Use safe headsets;
  • Don’t forget – no mobile phone is safe.

Source: healthandlovepage.com