Acupressure or shiatsu is alternative medicine technique or better said form of therapy that has Japanese origin in which pressure is applied to certain points on the body using the hands. It is believed that there is life energy that flows through “meridians” in our body and during this treatment, physical pressure is applied to certain acupuncture points and the aim is clearing blockages in these meridians.

Stimulation of the acupressure points on the feet leads to releasing of muscular tension, promotes circulation of blood, reduces stress and improves the sexual desire.

By massaging your feet you will experience improvement in your overall health and the results are either quick or can be felt two or three weeks later.

Why you should massage your feet before going to sleep:

Experts advise you gently to massage your feet before going to bed and the treatment should not last more than 15 minutes.

  1. Enhances Course

Massage your feet 10–20 minutes and thus enhance course in your legs. Confined blood stream, over time may cause many severe healthy issues, including heart and kidney issues, hypertension, varicose veins and organ harm.

  1. Assists WITH Cerebral pains AND Headaches

Study conducted in Denmark showed that people who were experiencing cerebral pains and headaches indicated incredible change in the wake of getting reflexology medications.

  1. Brings down Pulse

Recent study showed that elderly individuals experiencing dementia had enhanced temperament and lower circulatory strain after the medicinal services staff working with them gave them-minute foot rub session up to three times each week.

  1. Incredible FOR Sexual coexistence

Medical experts explain that the feet stand out amongst the most nerve-rich parts of human body. Several scented candles, organic oil and light music are ideal inclination for long night of lovemaking.

  1. Avoids FOOT AND Lower leg Wounds

Experts explain that foot massage is beneficial for joint torment and also helps recuperation after certain damage. It is proved that it also reduces muscle soreness.

Source: healthycaregroup.com