Prepare This Mixture In Just 5 Minutes, Consume It For 5 Days And Lose Up To 5 Kg Weight!

If you are overweight and you want to lose the extra pounds in short period of time – you are at the right place as in today’s article we are going to present you the recipe for the best solution losing weight without following any strict diet or intensive workout regimen.

Prepare this completely natural beverage that is incredibly efficient and will help you to flush out the excess fat from your body. You will notice the results in less than 5 days. It is important to highlight that you should use fresh ingredients. Prepare this potion daily and consume it fresh.


1 lemon

60 grams parsley

300 ml water


Put all ingredients in blender and mix until you get nice, homogenous mixture like a smoothie.


Consume this this smoothie in period of 5 days. It is advisable to take it every morning before breakfast. After 5 days, you need to take a 10 day-break and repeat the treatment again, if is necessary.

This potion is abundant with vitamins and minerals that will boosts your immune system and also will eliminate the fat. Parsley is extremely efficient and will help you to get rid of excess fluids in your body. In same time it will make you feel healthier, lighter and will improve the digestive processes. Parsley is high in vitamin C, iron and calcium.