Never Imagine That The Egg Could Control Blood Sugar Until I Saw This And Tried It

The latest studies have shown that diabetes is one of the fastest-growing illnesses among the human population. Every year a lot of people, worldwide are being diagnosed with this medical condition, regardless of their age, gender or race.

And the problem with it is not just the sugar. When we are talking about long run implications, this disease is destroying the internal organs, including the kidneys and nerves. The most severe instances are diabetic patients who had amputation of some body part.

The National Diabetes Federation stated that the country with the highest rate of diabetes is Philippines. Due to that fact, this country invests resources in finding cure for this illness. Well, it is not surprising that Filipino doctor claims that he had found the remedy that keeps diabetes under control. The most interesting part is that he achieved that by combining some completely natural ingredients.

Home Remedy to Control Diabetes

The name of the Filipino doctor is Jaime Dy-Liacco, a specialist in metabolic medicine. According to Dy-Liacco, nature offers us ingredients that easily control diabetes. Probably the best part is that this remedy is easy for preparation and you will need simple ingredients.

When it comes to his discovery, Dy-Liacco explains that the problem of diabetes is not in the blood sugar, but in the absence of minerals which are necessary for human body to function properly. According to the findings, by administering the proper amount of these minerals to human body, you actually don’t have to worry about the sugar you ingest.

Below you can see how to prepare this remedy at home.

Needed ingredients:

2 Eggs

12 Peppers, Chiles or Ajíes

½ tablespoon Sea salt


First of all chop the peppers and grind them well. After that, divide the eggs and the mix the raw with previously crushed peppers. Next step is to add the sea salt and stir again until you get homogenous mixture.


All you should do is to eat this remedy in period of few consecutive days. In very short period of time you will notice that the diabetes stays in line.

Our advice is to prepare this powerful remedy and control the diabetes. You can share this useful information with you family and friends on social networks as this remedy may help to other patients, as well.