Mother Share This Photo As A Warning To All Mothers To Not Make The Same Mistake……

Chickenpox is contagious disease caused by the varicella-zoster virus (VZV) and this illness mainly affects children. It is manifested with itching, blister-like rash, tiredness as well as fever. Rash first appears on the stomach area, back and face but later spreads over the entire body. This condition usually is not life- threatening and rarely gets complicated in the early stages of life.

In today’s article you can read a story about baby called Elijah. This baby was too young to be vaccinated and Kayley Burke shares her story with intention to warn all parents about what could possibly happen without vaccination.

Kayley warn all parents what can happen to their baby if they don’t act in time. She explains that parents who are against vaccination should read this story.

She shared image in which her baby, Elijah is covered from head to toe in chicken pox. Namely, if your child is not vaccinated, there is huge risk of carrying diseases to other kids who may be too young for the proper medications.

Burke lives in Queensland, Australia. Her infant baby contracted chicken pox and immediately was hospitalized on Thursday. On the photo you can see how the condition developed.

This 11-month old baby has a disturbing amount of blisters all over his little body. Due to the fact that Elijah is too young to get vaccines, it contracted the chicken pox. This led to secondary infection that had putted his life in threat.

Burke shared the photo of her baby and the news was spread on the internet very fast, more than 5000 times so far.

She said: “Our poor baby boy who is too young to be immunized has caught the chicken pox”. She added: “Bottom line, if you don”t vaccinate your kids your [sic] a bloody idiot. Think about the risk you are putting on other helpless kids that are too young or who actually can’t be vaccinated.”

Elijah’s bigger sister, Kaliah who has 3-years old also contracted the disease. Luckily, Kaliah was vaccinated recently.

She wrote: “Since Kaliah hasn’t long been immunized, she has a few spots and blisters, but is well in herself.

At adults, this medical condition is really horrible and painful.

Burke added that there is nothing more painful than watching how your child is suffering in some way: “It’s horrible, I can’t think of anything worse”.

It is important to mention that some people are liberals and they are against vaccinations and their explanation is that they are not good at all. Their explanation is that vaccines are created by government to control the population.

Moreover, some mothers believe that this vaccine is rubbish and they don’t want to take the risk with their baby.