If You Have a Mole at One of These 7 Places on Your Body, This Is what it Means. You Will Be Surprised!

Almost all people have moles on their body. The moles vary in size, color, appearance and amount.

But did you know that their location on the body has special meaning? Namely, certain moles are associated with a person’s wealth, while others with family fortune or health.

Continue with reading and find out more about your opportunities for the future:

Moles on the temple

Individuals who have mole on this part of the face will travel a lot. The trip may be because of job or purely for pleasure.

Moles between the eyebrows

Moles in this area are linked with your professional development and advancement and they also indicate rise in salary, promotion, and other similar success in your career.

Moles between the eye and the eyebrow

People who have mole in this area are really specific persons who do not have problems with adapting. These individuals are “people person” and the leadership position is the perfect option for you.

Moles on the upper lip

These persons are interested in clothing and food. These people have great interpersonal skills are are very popular among their friends.

Moles on the cheekbone

This mole is indication that your financial situation significantly will improve as your position at work will be really powerful one.

Moles on the palms

People who have moles on their palms always will be financially stable. Namely, these persons are very ambitious and smart who have remarkable leadership skills. It is interesting to mention that if the mole is on the back of the palm, it means that you are really good with economy.

Moles on the feet

Those individuals who have moles on the feet will have the pleasure to travel often. In addition to that, they will have the opportunity to try and enjoy different cuisines and experience new and different cultures which are really interesting. These people are very popular at work and they have greatly developed leadership skills that someday will be of great use.

Source: thehealthguide.org