Man Was Born With An Upside-Down Head, His Incredibly Inspiring Story Will Blow You Away

Doctors advised the mother of Claudio Vieira de Oliveira to let him to starve to death and the reason for that was because something was quite far from normal about his appearance. Actually, many people would find it disturbing.

Instead of heeding those monstrous suggestions, the mother took her son home and raised him with love and nurtured him with everything she had.

Claudio  today is an inspiration to all of us.

He was born with very rare health condition that contorted his spine and limbs in a manner none of us are accustomed to. Namely, Claudio’s head rests backwards on his spine and his limbs actually lay twisted under him. His head particularly is upside down. The medical name of this condition is arthrogryposis.

This is medical condition that certainly would depress most of us.

However, Claudio and his mother refused to let the condition to hinder his joy in life.  He is one of the most joyful people you will ever see.

As Claudio grew, he realized that he could walk on his knees, and even use a pen with his mouth and his lips to operate with cell phone. Over the years he did not raised in stature, but he grew in confidence. His condition never stopped him from chasing his dreams.

Claudio now is 37 years old and he is accountant, celebrated public speaker and published writer.

Take a look at the video below and check out part of his amazing story. You can share his beautiful mentality today… well, having joy is a CHOICE!