Ladies, If You Shave Your Intimate Parts, Read This!

Over the last few years, it became very popular and today almost all women remove the hair from their intimate parts. Some women remove the hair fully, while other women partially remove their hair from intimate area.

Are you one of many women? If the answer is YES, you should be aware of the fact that removing the hair from your intimate are brings many risks and may have side-effects.


Andrea De Maria led a study and the results were published in “American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology”. As Andrea explains, women are not aware of the fact that shaving the pubic hair brings many risks for their health.

Even though shaving the hair from other body parts is not much dangerous, but in this area it is. According to this study, 87% of the interviewed women pay for intimate hairdo at beauty salon and 90% shave their pubic hair.

Medical experts explain that skin around women’s genitals is very sensitive and delicate. By shaving it you easily can make small wounds and cuts. That is the reason why a lot of women feel itching after shaving.

It is fact that people have a lot of sweat glands below the waist. In other words, intimate are is perfect for bacteria growth. And it there are small cuts on the skin, small infections may occur.

Pubic hair acts as natural barrier of sexually-transmitted diseases