Get Rid Of Bloated Stomach In Just 12 Hours

Tiffany Brien is famous fitness blogger and she recently shared picture from her bad day of social media with intention to prove how important it is to take care of your body.

Namely, one of the pictures was taken at night before she goes to bed, while the second was made in the morning, when she woke up.

Tiffany  says: “People are often not as they present themselves on social networks. I just wanted to share with you what it looks like one of my bad day to show you that not every day is perfect and that is all right to have a day when your body just does not cooperate with you. Do not worry girls, it happens to the best.”

As Tiffany explains, the reason for her bloated stomach is lack of sleep and rest, hormones, stress and food intolerance. Moreover, she highlighted that with these few things she struggles for many years.

While she was researching for the causes of her problems, Tiffany concluded that is usually a specific food or a procedure. However, she still cannot figure out what it is the main cause of her a problem.

“I looked at everything I ate(just healthy food), but maybe it is something that I think is good for me, but my body probably disagrees. Sometimes you can become intolerant of something you’ve always eaten just have to find what exactly it works. A fun game? I would not say.”

Along with lack of sleep and hormones, Tiffany concluded that stress also has a huge impact on her problem.

“Stress is a killer. I have a very hard and stressful work that exhausts me every day. I adore it and I don’t want to change it, but I have time to relax as I regained myself after stressful day in the office. Yoga, walks or watching your favorite series usually helps me.”

Below there are few tips from Tiffany in order to avoid the problem of bloated stomach:

Get some quality sleep!

Make notes for everything you consume during the day so you could follow what causes the inflation.

In order to solve the problem of flatulence you should not overdo the exercise as that probably only will worsen things.

Take some probiotics and vitamins.

You can restrain your stomach by drinking mint tea.

Relax and be happy. Everything will be fine!