How To Get Pregnant With Twins: Doctors Reveal Tricks!

Many couples who are trying to get pregnant are hoping for twins. The chances of getting pregnant with twins naturally are 3%, but according to some experts the couple can do certain things and thus to increase these odds. For instance, diet, ethnicity, genetics and lifestyle play important role in whether some woman is more suitable to conceive twin kids.

Conceiving twins: secrets revealed

If you follow these steps the woman has significantly higher chances.


First of all it is important to understand that the average person’s chance of having twins is about 3%. Well, that is not much high. However, there is probability that you are not an average person. If you have any of the things listed below, your chances increase. And if you have a lot or all of the below mentioned things, your chance are even higher. Well, the opposite is also true and if you do not have any of the characteristics listed below, then the chances of you twinning are extremely low.

  • Having twins “in the family” and this particularly refers on your mother’s side. Moreover, if you already have twins, the chances increase quadrupled.
  • Experts explain that people of African descent are known to be of the highest probability to conceive twin kids. Europeans are next on that list. Caucasian and Asians have the lowest chance of having twins.
  • If you are tall or well nourished, or even overweight you have higher chances.
  • Chances are higher if the woman has been pregnant before. Namely, women who have 4 or more pregnancies increase their chances of twins dramatically. As experts explain, woman body is more likely to have twins after it knows you “can take it”. Families that have a dozen children or more have higher numbers of twin births as they have more pregnancies.

Although older women are less likely to get pregnant, but, if they do, they have higher chances to have twins. Namely, the older woman is, the probability of conceiving twin kids is increased. At the age of about 40, the chances are higher and jump up to 7%. If the woman manages to get pregnant at 45, the chances are about 17%. Moreover, older women often get IVF and IVF substantially increase the chances of twinning.


Do not forget the importance of vitamin intake.

People who have low nutrition are less likely to have twins.

All vitamins are important and good for you, but folic acid is particularly important and helps the most. You can get them at any pharmacy.

Gynecologists recommend all pregnant women to take folic acid as it is known to prevent birth defects. Still, pregnant women should not take more than the optimum 1000mg on daily basis.

  • While you are trying to get pregnant with twins it is important to be well nourished and to consume particular foods.
  • Underweight or malnourished people have lower chances to have twins.
  • Overweight women and women who are well nourished have increased chances.
  • Consult medical expert about any plans for weight gain. It is important to understand that you should not be just overweight, but also healthily nourished.

Eat lots of dairy and yams

In certain cultures, these foods are linked to better chances of getting pregnant with twins.

Recent study conducted by a leading fertility specialist discovered that those women who are consuming dairy products while they are trying to get pregnant have about 5 times increased chances of having twins than women who do not consume such foods.

Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF) is produced in the cow liver and it is considered that is chemical catalyst in this process.

According to other studies, consummation of cow milk treated with rBGH hormones has impact and increase chances the women to have twins more frequently.

An African tribe has a diet high in wild yams. It is interesting to mention that they have a twin birth rate 4 times higher than the global average. Nutrients contained the vegetables are believed to have the ability to stimulate the ovaries into producing more than a single egg during the ovulation period.

It is important to mention that certain doctors remain skeptical of this, but still, there isn’t any harm to try it as yams are delicious.

Knowing what is the right time to stop the birth control

It is particularly important not to take birth control pills right before you start trying to get pregnant. Once you stop taking such pills, your body goes into overdrive and tries hard to re-regulate the hormones. It is believed that during the first few months, the ramped up ovaries, sometimes release 2 eggs.

Before attempting these methods you need to consult your OB/GYN to remain safe. Certainly, there are artificial ways to do this, as well, such as IVF and other medicines. Good Luck!