Father Placed A Hidden Camera In The Room, And Then He Found Out Why His Son Is Behaving Strange In 2 A.M.

In today’s article we are going to write about one caring father named Cody Wray. Cody is person who imparts a sense of values to his children. He tries to teach them to behave and not act crazy. He instructs them to respect public property and ensures they are safe at all time. Cody installed a concealed security camera at home with intention to prevent theft and strangers. But Cody’s attention wasn’t caught by strangers. It is really interesting that while he checking its footage he caught his six year old acting creepy on camera at 2am. The boy was acting really strange.

Cody watched the footage of cameras and spotted that his 6-year-old son Dylan has very strange behavior in 2 am in the morning. Dylan was awake and very active. He was even sleepwalking. On the footage it seems as Dylan fought against the evil spirits that he probably felt around him. Cody actually was aware about everything that happens and his son is behaving exactly the opposite of all that he taught all his life.

This video went viral and encountered a mass of funny comments. Well, we guess that little Dylan wanted to make his own version of the film Paranormal Activity.

Source: www.healthyandnaturalhouse.com