She Drank Carrot Juice Every Day For 8 Months: You Won’t Believe What Happened…

Ann Cameron is author of children’s books from Wisconsin and in today’s article you can read her story.

Ann’s husband died from lung cancer, and unfortunately, 6 months later she was diagnosed with colon cancer.

Doctors explained that her cancer was in stage three and she needed a surgery. After the surgical intervention, Ann refused to receive chemo and the reason for such decision was because her husband died, despite the fact he had chemo. At the blog “Chris beats cancer” in detail she explained her experience that gathers people from all around the world who have found an alternative treatment for cancer.

“On June 6 I had surgery for a newly diagnosed Stage 3 colon cancer. I declined the recommended chemotherapy and felt better and better from that date. But six months later, on  November 6,  I had a CT scan followup that showed probable cancer in my lungs. The oncologist said I had  Stage 4 colon cancer metastasized to the lungs” said the famous author.

Cameron explains that after thorough research she discovered one story of a young man who developed skin cancer at the age of 26. Namely, this young man successfully cured himself by drinking 5lbs carrot juice on daily basis.

Ann made decision to follow his example and started to drink fresh carrot juice throughout the entire day. She explains that in 8 weeks, after the examination her doctor told her that the cancer has stopped growing, but her tumors and swollen lymph nodes were reduced, as well. 4 months later her lymph nodes were normal again, and cancer had decreased. It is totally incredible that after 8 months her cancer was gone. Ann Cameron won the fight against cancer and decided to explain her experience, so she wrote the book “Curing Cancer with Carrots”.

Experts explain that the secret of this remarkable juice is in its high fatty alcohol content. Moreover, carrot juice contains natural substances which possess incredibly powerful anticancer properties, while the carotene prevents the creation of tumor cells.