Dana was poisoned for 37 years, and doctors could not find out what was the reason, and all the time it was in her house! (PHOTO)

This is story of a woman called Dana Anhalt who was slowly poisoned for 37 years. Dana was experiencing extreme pain, allergies and intolerances since her childhood, but the doctors could not diagnose her condition.

Medical experts treated the consequences of Dana’s illness, but not the cause for it.

Dana said: “I’ve spent all 37 years of my life slowly being poisoned from the inside out. The genetic testing was difficult to look at but it was also one of the most of vindicating things I’ve ever seen. Suddenly, decades of my experience made sense”.

Dana is 37-year-old writer from Hangtingtona in New York and in 2016 doctors diagnosed her Lyme disease. But, during the past years, Dana was suffering from various medical conditions: she initially suffered from meningitis (infection of the sinuses), various attacks, migraine and hormonal imbalances. Her suffering started when she was 16 years old. She developed mono and that had long term effect on her health.

Dana said: “When I was a child I was sick quite often. I was plagued with constant sinus infections, repeated bouts of strep, migraines, hormonal trouble and mounting GI symptoms. After my mum passed, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and did not respond to any of the standard treatments. By 2011 I was almost entirely bed bound, and by 2012 I was ravaged with muscle and joint pain so severe that I often vomited from the intensity. I was trapped in a body that could not articulate what I was going through or seek comfort in connection with others.”

In her twenties and thirties, Dana developed severe allergies and dropped down to 70lbs.

“I had been developing multiple chemical and food sensitivities over the years, but they sky-rocketed out of control, leaving me with almost nothing left that I could eat. I became allergic to all pain medications, and had no relief from the physical agony. In addition, I was getting outrageous symptoms of histamine excess: rashes, flushing, full body itching and burning so intense that it would keep me up for 10 days at a time. I nearly lost my mind. I was diagnosed with Mast Cell Activation disorder, but no one understood why this was happening” explains Dana.

Dana and her family were devastated. They quite by accident noticed strange smell that spreads from the basement and found out that the reason for her sickness is the poisonous, rampant fungus or black mould in the basement of their home.

Namely, in 2016 mould remediates discovered that there was a rampant black mould infestation. Unfortunately, this mould was there since a flood when Dana was a child. Doctors ordered Dana to leave her house without her possessions as the entire house was contaminated by the poisonous fungus.

“We rushed to find a new apartment and we had to leave all of our belongings, everything I had collected over the years, it was devastating. Of course, it has been tempting to give up at times. Not only do I persevere for the sake of my loved ones, but because I feel I truly have something to give back to the community” said Dana.

I look forward to being an advocate for those with complex illnesses; a ballast in the face of the pervasive invalidation in our medical system” added she.

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