My Clothes Were Never Pure White and Fresh Smelling after Washing, then my Neighbour told me This Trick!

When it comes to washing the clothes, it is fact that food and wine stains on while shirts or trousers are the most difficult to clean. Unfortunately, sometimes even the most expensive detergents or cleansers cannot remove the ugly strains. Luckily, we have several mixtures that will remove the stains and will make your clothes perfectly white.

Below we are going to present you 3 tricks that will help you to remove the strains. You will need several easy- available and cheap ingredients. The procedure of removing the strains with the help of these homemade recipes is super simple and the results are amazing.

These mixtures do not contain chemicals and are safe for use.

Once you try these simple and efficient tricks you will never again buy any expensive product that contains harmful chemicals. Simply follow the instructions explained below:

  • Baking Soda

In a 4l of water add 1 cup of baking soda and stir. After that, soak the clothes in it. After few minutes you will see the results and you will be amazed: your clothes will become perfectly white again.

  • Vinegar and lemon

To your usual detergent add some vinegar and lemon juice and wash your clothes as usual. This mixture is one of the most efficient solutions that will remove all strains. Still, you should be aware of the fact that it has quite strong smell.

  • Aspirin

In a bowl of water and add 6 crushed aspirins and after that soak your clothes into the mixture. Let it act for half an hour and after that wash you clothes as usual, using a detergent. This method will remove all strains from your clothes.