Be Careful ! What Are You Buying: Did You Know What Does The Stickers on The Fruits Mean?

Probably all of you have noticed that sometimes there are stickers on the fruit that we are buying. It is interesting that some children do not want to eat the bananas without sticker on it.  But, do you know why is the sticker there and what does it mean?

Be Careful ! What Are You Buying Did You Know What Does The Stickers on The Fruits Mean

1.The produce was cultivated in the second half of 20th century and artificial fertilizer was probably used if the sticker contains 4 digit code starting with the numbers 3 or 4.

2.Fruits that have sticker with 5 digit code with number 9, they were cultivated on traditional way for thousands of years and these produces are known as organic. Fertilizers and pesticides are not used.

3.GMO products are genetically modified and they have stickers with 5 digit code which starts with number 8.

This article has very useful information so you should use it whenever you chose fruits for home. Make sure number 9 is the number your chosen fruit contains.

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