Beware, China Is Making Rice From Plastic – Find Out How to Recognize Real From Fake Rice

Over the last few months, fake rice is sold everywhere. You need to be really careful when you are buying rice, as the rice produced and exported from Asia, first wasspotted in China, Vietnam and India, but today it can be found in Europe and Indonesia. According to experts, this rice is sold in the USA markets yet.

The fake rice is very similar to real rice and it is really difficult to recognize what actually you are buying. Experts warn that with consummation of fake rice you put your and the health of your family at risk. Namely, fake rice causes severe digestive issues. According to some reports, fake rice is composed of potatoes and synthetic rest but it contains other chemicals, as well.

Below we are going to explain you how to make difference between fake and real rice.

  1. The Mortar and Pestle Test

Take few grains of the rice you have bought and mold them with a mortar and a pestle, to get a powder. Now, check the color: if is white, then the rice is real, but if it has yellowish color, it is fake rice.

  1. The Fire Test

Burn handful of rice. In case if it catches fire and smells such as burned plastic, the rice undoubtedly is fake.

  1. The Water Test

In a glass of water add 1 tablespoon of raw rice. In case if the rice goes to the bottom it is real. Otherwise, if it floats at the top, that is indication that the rice is fake.

  1. The Mold Test

Boil the rice and let it in a warm place for about 2-3 days. If it doesn’t get mold, the rice is fake. The reason for that is because plastic is not affected by the weather or temperature.

  1. The Boiling Test

Put the rice to boil. If the rice forms a thick layer while boiling at the top of the pot, it is indication that the rice is fake.

  1. The Hot Oil Test

Take few grains of rice and drop them into a hot oil. Fake rice will melt and stick to the pan.

Next time before you decide to prepare some dish with rice, first check the rice you have bought.