When Their Baby Had Fatal Stroke, The Family Dog Did Something UNBELIEVABLE !!!

If you ask some dog owner, you surely can hear numerous stories about the sixth sense of their dogs. In this article we are going to write about such story.

You can see how one dog provides the utmost care for the newborn. One couple from Minnesota, Mary and John Hall, had experienced incredible stress. Their lives were turned upside down when their daughter, Nora who was only 5 month old, suffered a stroke that caused extensive damage to her brain.
The things became even worst when the doctors told them some terrible news. There is great probability that Nora will not survive and they should be ready to say goodbye to their baby girl. After one month, Nora was undergoing treatment, and even though she did not have big chances for life, two members of the Hall family never left the little girl.

It is quite surprising, but that wasn’t Mary and John Hall, but their two family dogs Gracie and Grumpy.

The two dogs, Grumpy and Gracie exactly knew what is going on, and they showed their compassion by letting Nora out of their sight. Until Nora’s the last moments, Gracie and Grumpy were there.

Unfortunately, Nora is no longer with us, but one thing is sure: she now is in heaven and Hill family will always remember her.

You can watch the video and see the story:

Source: healthadviceteam.com