African Supermarkets Overflown With Chinese Human Meat

Certain reports claim that the Chinese industry has been marinating human cadavers, packing them in cans, and after that is selling those cans in African supermarkets as regular meat.

In the last few days on the social media really disgusting images went viral, where you can see how human meat is processed.

Zambia`s Daily Post shared post with report in which is stated: “We can`t deny the terrific possibility of this being true. We all know that Asians are the largest population in the world, counting more than billion people.”

As a matter of fact, China is so overpopulated and there is not enough space for all of its citizens. This leads to question: what do they do with the dead bodies?

One of the answers may be that they are packing and shipping the cadavers to Africa, where that meat is sold as canned meat.

Therefore, the problem is sold and in same time they gain profit. But at what cost?

Yang Youming, the Chinese ambassador in Zambia stated: “It`s unbelievable that Chinese are selling human meat t Africa, but it`s still possible, not matter how shocking it sounds.”

He added: “The Zambian government is forcing the relevant authorities to investigate this matter as soon as possible, and inform the public about the results and the measure they need to take to solve this problem.”