7 Important Things About Sleeping During Pregnancy

During pregnancy women body is undergoing tremendous changes. This particularly is noticeable during the third trimester. Changes of the body vary from woman to woman, but most pregnant women have difficulties while standing, walking and sitting. During the night, many women face with discomfort and cannot find the proper sleeping position and get quality sleep. During the last trimester the size of the abdomen is substantially increased and many pregnant women also experience shortness of breath, frequent urination and back pain.

There are certain things that pregnant women can do and get sound sleep during the night.

#1 Best position for sleeping during pregnancy is on the left side.

#2 Pregnant women should not sleep on their back or stomach.

#3 Use pregnancy pillows to find the proper sleeping position.

#4 Avoid drinking water at least 2 hours before going to sleep.

#5 Pregnant women need to make certain changes in their sleeping position.

#6 Wear loose pajamas, preferably made by cotton.

#7 Pregnant women should try to relax and forget to their worries as that is the only way to get quality sleep at night.

Source: www.healthyandnaturalhouse.org