A 16 Year Old Girl Drank 3 Cups of Green Tea a Day and What Happened Shocked the Doctors!

People should be aware that even though it is important to know WHAT they consume as it is important for the health, another important fact is to find out HOW MUCH of that food will enter in their body. In other words, not only quality but also quantity does matter.

One 16 years old student from Britain is one of the best examples of how much quantity matters. She experienced headaches, nausea and stomach pains. When she visited a doctor, he gave her a diagnosis – urinary tract infection, and started treating her with antibiotics. After she took two doses, she returned into the hospital since she noticed discoloration of her skin. Her next diagnosis was jaundice. After ruling out possible hepatitis due to the fact that the patient hadn’t been exposed to any of the ways that potentially transmit the virus, doctors continued inspecting the primary cause of her condition and soon found out that she had been consuming Chinese Green Tea, which she had bought online, in order to lose on weight. She drank 3 cups per day for a few months and as all the instructions were in Chinese, she did not follow the instructions.

Before the doctor gave her the proper therapy for the hepatitis she caused to herself, he forbid her The Chinese Greentea she used to consume, and made some extra examination on the tea. It is shocking that the research proved that the tea contains active ingredient known as “camellia sinensis”, an evergreen herb used for teas, which in girls often triggered hepatitis as a side effect. It took almost two months for her liver to recover.

What exactly is a Hepatits?

Hepatitis represents an inflammation of the liver, visible as a swollen liver. There are few types of Hepatitis. Viral Hepatitis is the most common cause of hepatitis worldwide. Other common causes of non-viral hepatitis include toxic hepatitis, alcoholic, autoimmune, fatty liver and metabolic hepatitis.The causes of hepatitis might be some bacterial, parasitic, fungal, mycobacterial and protozoal infections, and many others.

Experts explain that at people who have Hepatitis, the most obvious symptom present is jaundice or yellow discoloration of the skin, mucous membrane, conjunctiva, along with poor appetite and sickness.

In most serious cases of Hepatic Disease, it can be the cause of loss of liver function – liver failure, or even liver cancer, which condition threatens people’s lives.

This case has been used by doctors to show the population world wide that overconsumption of whatever tea, or even fruit, may lead to serious consequences over your health. We can conclude that everything we consume, we should consume in moderate amounts.

Source: www.healthymagazine365.com