10 Vegetables You Can Buy Once And Regrow Forever!

Healthy nutrition is important for the overall health, and one of the best ways to prevent infections and diseases is to consume organic fruits and veggies. You can buy organic fruits and veggies in healthy food store, but the organic products go bad really fast. Another option is to grow your own vegetables.

In today’s article we are going to present you 10 easy-to-grow veggies:

  1. Asparagus

Asparagus is plant of the lily family and it is an early spring vegetable. If is grown properly, you can enjoy the produce of this green plant for 25 years. It is important to mention that its seeds need more time to mature, and planting crowns is faster and better option. Keep in mind that you should not overwater your asparagus as it will rot.

  1. Garlic

Garlic is a veggie that is added in various dishes: salads, soups, stews and pasta.

Only one garlic clove can give you more than 10 cloves and that is the reason why you should grow garlic in your backyard or balcony.

First step is to put the sprout in a glass filled with water and place the glass near your window or outside during the spring and summer, while it is warm. Once sprouts grow a couple of inches in height, plant them. It is important to grow the garlic in a large pot and use a high-quality soil. Within only several days you will notice the first leaves. Once the leaves turn brown and fall out you should garvest the garlic.

  1. Carrots

You can grow carrots from carrot tops. The procedure is very simple: first soak the carrot tops in a dish filled with water and then place the dish near the window as carrots need more sunlight. The new carrots may have a bitter taste, but you can combine them with vinegar and garlic and prepare tasty salad.

  1. Bok Choy

In order to grow this type of cabbage you should soak the root end in water and place the glass in a sunny spot. Several weeks later you should plant your veggie in a pot. Very soon you will notice a new “head” growing out from the pot.

  1. Romaine lettuce

You can regrow a lettuce by using the bottom of the head. First step is to soak the lettuce it in a glass filled with water (½ inch). After a while you will notice new roots and leaves coming out and then you should plant the Romaine lettuce.

You can regrow cabbages in the same way.

  1. Scallions

The procedure is super simple: all you should do is to soak the roots of the scallions in a glass of water and place the glass on your windowsill. Very soon you will notice new scallions. Once your scallions grow 4-6 inches long, you can pick them up.

  1. Celery

First step is to cut off the celery bottoms and after that soak them in a shallow bowl or saucer, by your choice. After certain period of time you will notice new leaves, and you can plant the celery 3 days later.

  1. Cilantro

Buy cilantro stems and soak them in water. Very soon you will notice new leaves coming out and once they grow long enough you should plant them. Make sure to keep your pot in an area with ample light. You can expect new plants within several months.

  1. Basil

Take 3-inch basil clippings and soak them in a glass of water. Place the spot in a sunny place and once the roots grow 2 inches long you can plant the basil. Don’t forget to water the basil on a regular basis.

  1. Globe artichoke

First of all, it is important to highlight that you can harvested artichokes only when they develop a perfect purple flower crown. In order to grow artichokes in your backyard or balcony you will need moist soil, enough sunlight and a proper drainage system. Here is the procedure: first of all you should plant the artichokes about 36 inches apart. This is important as this plant need a lot of sunlight. Keep in mind that you need about 2 inches of compost, as well. You should use high-nitrogen fertilizer every month. You can harvest your artichokes in spring and fall, and always pick the close buds with long stalks.

Source: www.healthy-food-house.com