10 Solid Differences Between Single And Committed

Most individuals are facing with different and major changes when they change their status from “single” to “in a relationship”. Below we are going to write 10 major differences between people who have partner and those who are still single.

  1. You have no money when you are taken.

Most people who are single have enough money to drink alcohol, go to parties, buy computer games and go wherever they want. But, when you are in relationship you will start buying monthly gifts, weekly dates and surprise events.

  1. Your squad

When you are single you go with your friends on music festivals or at the nearby mall to eat, drink, watch movie and have fun. But, in relationship you will have less time for your friends and you are not as available as you were before.

  1. Being in a relationship has changed the way you pick movie seats.

When you were single, probably you pick the best seat, right in the middle section. But when you are with your partner, you probably will pick the corner seats as you might want to have intimate moments with your lover during the movie.

4.Phone calls

While you are single you probably don’t speak much on the phone with your friends or family, but once you get in relationship you will have much to say and explain since you are in love with your partner.

  1. Even drinking has changed a bit for you.

Being single means going out with friends and having fun, and that means drinking too many beers for you to handle. But, in relationship things change: you will drink, but you have to stay classy.

  1. Adding friends to social media

While you are single you can add as many friends as you want and you can get form many connections through Facebook. But, when you are in a relationship you will have to be picky about who are you talking with online.

  1. You also pay so much attention to your looks now.

Once you get into relationship you will pay much more attention to your physical appearance. You will try to impress your partner and you will always want to look good.

8.Being more careful

Single persons often are risking your life and are having fun, but people who are in relationship want to live a long and happy life, spending it with their loved one.

  1. Of course, you also have someone to love.

While you are single, you don’t have someone to hold hands with. But things change once you get in relationship. Now you can hug and kiss your partner, as much as you want.


Many single persons barely reply to anyone while they are single. But things change in relationship: you will check your phone often and write sweet things.

Source: www.healthyandnaturalhouse.com